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Online securities depository

I. Instructions for online securities depository

II. Instructions for withdrawing securities from depository

Customers depositing securities at TCBS can withdraw securities with the following conditions:
– Only withdraw securities from regular securities trading accounts;
– Customers can withdraw part or all of the securities.

1. Documents for withdrawing securities depository include:

– Request to withdraw securities of the Customer (Form 16A/LK)

– Other documents (If needed)

– Passport (Foreign individuals)

– Authorization letter for the person to carry out procedures to withdraw securities and ID card/passport of the authorized person (organizational customer)

2. Implementation steps:

– Customers contact email [email protected] to make an appointment; For VIP customers at Techcombank, please contact a specialist for support at the branch

– When VSDC approves the securities withdrawal application, TCBS will notify customers of receiving the Book/Certificate of securities ownership issued by the issuing organization.

– If you have any questions, please contact TCBS directly via Facebook Chat or Zalo Chat for support.

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The depository fee is a charge imposed by the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) on investors when they trade securities to ensure ownership rights of securities in the market through the securities company. Customers with securities in their accounts are subject to a depository fee of 0.3 VND per share/month. This fee accrues daily and is displayed in the ‘Debt’ section of the customer’s Assets. It is settled at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month.

The stock depository fee accumulates daily and is shown in the ‘Debts’ section of the customer’s Assets. It is settled either at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.

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