Investment products FAQ's

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A stock put-through order allows investors to independently agree on price and volume within the day’s market price range. TCBS enables customers to perform these transactions online with provided instructions here.

You can place an order in the “Trading stocks” section on TCInvest, similar to how you do it for underlying securities.

  • If you choose to hold the stocks, both stocks and money in the iCopy sub-account will be transferred to the regular sub-account on the trading day. The stocks pending transfer will be moved on the stock return day, following the Exchange’s regulations.
  • If you choose to sell the stocks, the available money in the iCopy sub-account will be transferred to the regular sub-account, and when the money from stock sales are received, they will also be transferred to the regular sub-account. For other special cases, such as insufficient fees or purchase rights, the processing time is a maximum of 3 working days.

Whether you’re planning a family adventure or working abroad, you can trade securely on TCInvest with a simple internet connection, eliminating the necessity of a phone subscription, courtesy of iOTP.

For detailed instructions, please check the provided guide here.

If investors hold warrants until expiry:

  • Loss: Investors receive nothing.
  • Break-even: Investors receive nothing.
  • Profit: The investor:
    Receives the price difference on T+5 = (Settlement Price – Exercise Price) x (Number of CW/Conversion Ratio)
    Pays a tax = 0.1% x Settlement Price x (Number of CW/Conversion Ratio)