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Change server at Stock Price board

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It refers to the maximum money an investor can use for buying securities at a given time. It is calculated as follows:

Purchasing power = Cash + Proceeds from unsettled sales

Where: Cash is in the regular sub-account.

Proceeds from unsettled sales are sale proceeds not yet settled in the account for T+2 days (after deducting advance payment fees).

The depository fee is a charge imposed by the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) on investors when they trade securities to ensure ownership rights of securities in the market through the securities company. Customers with securities in their accounts are subject to a depository fee of 0.3 VND per share/month. This fee accrues daily and is displayed in the ‘Debt’ section of the customer’s Assets. It is settled at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month.

It suggests the 3 closest bid/ask prices for customer reference when placing orders.

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