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Institutions offering bond services

Issuing consultant

An issuing consultant is an organization that acts as an intermediary, providing issuance services for enterprises and collecting issuance fees from them.

Payment Agent

A payment agent is an organization authorized by the issuer to make payments of bond principal and interest upon the maturity of the bond.

Transfer custody agent

Depository registration agent, bond transfer manager is the unit selected by the Issuing Organization to perform the following tasks:

(i) Prepare and manage the list of bondholders; manage and confirm the transfer (to name) of bonds;

(ii) To blockade and release bonds in service of bond pledge transactions;

(iii) and other operations as prescribed….

Guaranteed asset management agent

Collateral management agent (“collateral”) is an organization selected by the Issuer to perform the following tasks:
(i) Receive and manage collateral for bonds;
(ii) Carry out the procedures for registration of security transactions for bonds in accordance with the law;
(iii) Monitoring asset value fluctuations, requesting the issuer and guarantor to periodically evaluate assets to identify events of shortage, excess, addition/reduction of collateral;
(iv) Monitor the commitment of the issuer/guarantor related to collateral;
(v) Implement procedures for handling collateral and allocating proceeds from asset disposal upon the occurrence of collateral disposal events.

Representative of bondholders

The representative of bondholders is an organization selected by the Issuer to perform the following tasks:
(i) Monitor compliance with the commitments of the issuer in the bond offering registration dossier;
(ii) Act as a liaison between bondholders, issuers, and other relevant organizations;
(iii) Collect opinions of bondholders on events affecting the interests of bondholders…

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Yes, for bonds that have been approved by Techcombank as collateral assets for loans according to Techcombank’s loan policies at each period.

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