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You need about 27 million VND to trade 1 futures contract (=100,000*17%*Ceiling price of futures/85%). The initial margin rate at our securities brokerage firm is currently 17%. The utilization rate of margin assets = Required initial margin (MR) /Valid margin assets.
TCBS sets thresholds to manage the utilization rate of margin trading and futures trading, which are announced on the TCBS website (
  • Maintenence level (80%): Customers need to maintain their securities collateral usage ratio below this level to ensure safety.
  • Warning level (85%): This is the ratio at which TCBS will issue margin calls to customers, when their equity falls at or below this level. The customer has the obligation to supplement valid margin assets.
  • Force liquidation level (90%): This is the ratio at which TCBS has the right to take action to handle accounts that violate the margin utilization ratio (including the compulsory closing of positions on the customer’s account when it reaches the intervention threshold).

Warrants with collateral (CW) are securities issued by brokerage firms, listed on the stock exchange, assigned their own trading codes and operate similarly to underlying securities.

Derivative securities are financial instruments in the form of contracts, the value of which is derived from an underlying asset (commodity, financial instrument). The trading price is determined at the current moment, but the execution takes place on a specific future date. There are four types:
– Options contracts
– Futures contracts
– Forward contracts
– Swap contracts
In the Vietnamese market, trading is currently allowed for Index Futures Contracts (with the underlying asset being the VN30 index) and Government Bond Futures Contracts (with the underlying asset being 5-year/10-year Government Bonds).

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