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Trading time and method

The regular trading hours for Vietnamese stock market, which includes HSX, HNX and Upcom exchanges are on weekdays (from Monday to Friday)

Trading Method HSX HNX Upcom Applicable order types
– Periodic call auction: being performed on the basis of securities matching buy and sell orders at a specified time.

+ The price determination principle is based on achieving the highest trading volume. If multiple prices meet this condition, the price closest to the execution price of the last matching order will be selected.

+ In periodic call auction sessions, orders cannot be modified or canceled.

– Negotiation auction: Buyers and sellers can negotiate one-on-one deals and then notify a securities company to record the transaction results in the trading system. Alternatively, buyers or sellers can engage a securities company to find a counterparty for a reciprocal agreement.
9h00 to 9h15 – ATO, LO
(ATO takes precedence over LO)
– Negotiated deals
– Continuous auction: a trading method made on the basis of matching buy and sell orders as soon as they are entered into the trading system.

– Negotiation auction

9h15 to 11h30 9h00 to 11h30 – LO/ MP/ MOK/ MAK/ MTL
– Negotiated deals
– Lunch break 11h30 to 13h00
– Continuous auction

– Negotiation auction

13h00 to 14h30 13h00 to 15h00 – LO/ MP/ MOK/ MAK/ MTL

– Negotiated deals

– Periodic call auction

– Negotiation auction

14h30 to 14h45 – ATC, LO
(ATC is prioritized over LO) – Negotiated deals
– Negotiation auction 14h45 to 15h00 – Negotiated deals
– After-hour trading Only applicable to HNX, from 14h45 to 15h00 PLO

For details on trading order types, please refer here

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For comprehensive information about these order types, please refer to the following link here.

  • HNX: 5,000 shares/transaction
  • HSX: 20,000 shares/transaction
  • Upcom: No minimum trading volume limit

A stock put-through order allows investors to independently agree on price and volume within the day’s market price range. TCBS enables customers to perform these transactions online with provided instructions here.

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