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Placing stock orders and related features, Stock, Trading Guide

Feature: Periodical stock order

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A 24/7 order will remain effective for the duration set by the customer.

If the order meets the activation conditions during this time, it will be sent to the exchange and continue to be effective in subsequent trading sessions.

Investors can trade odd lots (quantities ranging from 1 to 99) directly on TCInvest’s “Trading stock” section. For HOSE – listed stocks, you can access and refer to the odd lot trading board on your computer, as shown in the guide below.

Please note:

  • Odd lot orders can only be placed with a “LO” price and are executed during continuous matching sessions.
  • Odd lot orders only match with corresponding odd lot orders at the same price, not with round lots.

Orders are matched on the exchange based on the priority of price and time. Placing an order at the closest bid/ask does not guarantee a match (although the probability is very low) if other orders at the same price were placed earlier.

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