Trading principles

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Customers can choose the “Sustainable” or “Predefined” option (with the holding period equal to the time until bond maturity)

  • They are securities that define an obligation of the issuing company (the borrower) to repay a specific amount of money to the bondholder (the lender).
  • Have a specific time period defined.
  • The issuing company must repay the original loan amount upon bond maturity.

Pio can be freely transferred, gifted or sold to others.

Identifying investment demand will provide recommendations for the most suitable products:

Product types

Features Interest rates


Long term Long-term holding Significantly higher than savings interest rates For long-term investments, holding bonds until maturity without the need to sell
Predefined cashflow Short-term: less than 1 year Higher than savings interest rates for the same term For investments with a predetermined term, the bonds cannot be sold before maturity
Flexible Investment Flexible term Higher than savings interest rates for the same term Can be sold through negotiated agreements to other customers in need of cash


No. You cannot change your selection post-transaction.

The bond price is discounted based on the holding period, with longer holding periods receiving greater price discounts and customers receiving higher interest rates.

You can proactively transfer the bonds to other investors by signing a transfer agreement at the headquarters of TCBS.

Note: TCBS does not provide support for partner search and pricing calculation.

You can choose either the “Predefined cashflow” or “Long term” (for the bond with 9 months remaining until maturity)

It is a maximum of 12 months, not exceeding the remaining bond term.

Customers can review the signed online contract on TCInvest by selecting “Bond Trading” report in the “Transaction History” section and choose the desired bond code.

Yes, for bonds that have been approved by Techcombank as collateral assets for loans according to Techcombank’s loan policies at each period.

On all working days (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). For more information, please click here .

1 million VND per value of the bond.