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Selling a part of the iCopy portfolio

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1. Same transaction fee apply for all sub-accounts

2. In case you copy iTrader’s order on iCopy sub-account, the transaction will be charged an asset management fee which is 2%/year/AUM (excluding buying and selling transactions). This fee is subject to change as notified by TCBS. The fee collection process is as follows:

  • Fees are charged daily
  • Fees will be deducted from the iCopy sub-account as soon as the customer registers iCopy before 2h45 PM of the transaction day or after the registration date if the customer registers after 2h45 PM.
  • In case you do not have enough cash on your iCopy sub-account, TCBS will record a negative on your AUM and collect money when customer places a sell order.
  • In case you stop copying, TCBS will collect fee on the regular sub-account.

3. Fee calculated based on performance is deducted from profits exceeding the minimum threshold (% of excess profit). (See more)

Yes, you can. To begin, please log in to TCInvest > in the search bar, enter “iCopy stock” > select “iTrader Filter” and input the required information.

  • If you choose to hold the stocks, both stocks and money in the iCopy sub-account will be transferred to the regular sub-account on the trading day. The stocks pending transfer will be moved on the stock return day, following the Exchange’s regulations.
  • If you choose to sell the stocks, the available money in the iCopy sub-account will be transferred to the regular sub-account, and when the money from stock sales are received, they will also be transferred to the regular sub-account. For other special cases, such as insufficient fees or purchase rights, the processing time is a maximum of 3 working days.

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